Valentin Rotelli, Pierre-Adrian Irlé
CH 2010

All That Remains

89 min, German

Two roads, four destinations.
Four people—bound by the common thread of a deeply personal loss—take to the road at a pivotal moment in their lives, hoping to move ahead. Along the way they unexpectedly intersect with one another—the result of which forever alters their understanding of brotherhood, friendship, and love.
In Japan, Nakata resigns from a life-long career behind a desk to start the life he’s dreamed of for 30 years. He meets Ellen, a mysterious but endearing Westerner looking for a ride out of Tokyo. Together they make the drive southeast towards the fabled coast of Umikongo...
Across the ocean Ellen’s brother Ben is heading North along the California coast on a mysterious quest. Along the way he picks up Sara, a spirited hitchhiker from Las Vegas who’s searching for a new life after a troubling marriage. Together they make their way to the mystical cliffs of Big Sur where Ben must complete his task...
On both sides of the ocean, the uneasy relationship between strangers evolves. Ellen’s health deteriorates; Ben performs a ritual by the sea. As the road unfolds, their fates collide.

Script: Pierre-Adrian Irlé, Valentin Rotelli
Camera: Valentin Rotelli
Editor: Veronique Rotelli
Actors: Isabelle Caillat, Travis Shakespeare, Toshi Toda Benjamin Benoit, Olga Rosin




Dieser Film läuft zur Zeit in keinem der Breitwand-Kinos